Animal Lighthouse Testimonials...

"I am so grateful to have met Jennifer! My little pug girl, Maggie, was very physically uncomfortable after a trip to her vet's office. Our veterinarian's staff is very caring and they love her, but Maggie hates having her nails done, and fights it with all her might! On this particular visit, she strained her body to the point where she couldn't move very well the next day. I'd recently been referred to Jennifer by a friend, so I was lucky to have her number on hand, so I gave her a call. Jennifer really listened to me compassionately, about how Maggie was feeling, and we made an appointment for the next morning. She did a session with Maggie, and also Gerda, my second little pug girl, which included massage therapy, as well as communication. Well...I am not kidding...when Jennifer was finished, both pugs rested very deeply (and snored very loudly) for a while, and when they woke up, Maggie was like a puppy again! Gerda was only 2 at the time, and she LOVED her session with Jennifer, but she was still very puppyish anyway. With Maggie though, I noticed a MAJOR difference in her energy, and her level of playfulness/happiness, and she was moving around freely again, and even better than before! What a relief that was! I was so worried about her! Jennifer then became a part of our lives, coming to see Maggie and Gerda regularly,for about a year. Now that she no longer lives in our area, we're continuing her sessions long distance. I just love Jennifer, and I really do feel that having her as Maggie and Gerda's therapist/healer has been one of the very best investments I've ever made!" 
~ Karla Co. - Colorado
I met Jennifer around the time my 20 year old cat passed on. I asked for her help on understanding how his passing impacted my other fur children. Jennifer met with each of my fur children and communicated back to me her findings. She was spot on with their personalities. The information she shared with me was priceless and really helped my family work together through the grieving process. Since then my husband and I have been able to communicated better with our fur children and the bonds have grown stronger. I don't know exactly how to explain it, but the gift Jennifer has is one of a kind and I am so grateful to have found her and know that I have someone as special as her in all our lives!
~ Rachel C. - Minnesota
Jennifer first helped me with my 17-year old cat, Pinkie, as her health slowly declined. She had lived with me for nine years and I loved her dearly. With Jennifer's help, I came to accept that Pinkie was tired of the vets and the pain of her worn-out body. She (Pinkie) was able to make her own choice and to let me know that choice. I will be forever grateful to Jennifer for the kind and gentle way she helped both Pinkie and I through the pricess of her passing. Since then, Jennifer has been of great help with other members of my animal family, especially those with injuries or illnesses. Some have received Reiki treatments which have always been very helpful. Others have been able to let me know how they felt and what I could do to make their lives easier and more pleasant.
Working with Jennifer has been a true blessing. She has softened the paths of my animals family and I will be forever grateful. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to better understand and help the animals in their care.
~ Connie G. - California
I have 100% faith in Jennifer and her gift. There are not many people I would say that about...I was amazed at her ability to know the root issues...and I am thankful that Jennifer has been one of my teachers. She was born with the gift, but her personal journey was not an easy one. That's why I trust and feel safe sharing my struggles with her, because I know she has had them too.
~ Rachel N. - Minnesota