About Jennifer Mesenbrink

Following my passion by helping to bridge the communication gap between animals and the people who love them!
My Path...

Animals have been such an integral part of my life drom the day I was born that I cannot imagine life without them. They have been my friends, my confidants, my teachers, and my guides through this journey called life.

Although my work with animals has really been one continuous process my entire life, my professional career working with them began in 2006 when I received my ceritification as a Small Animal Massage Practitioner from the Northwest School of Animal Massage. The following year, after much practice and inner work, I completed my training and received my Masters level Reiki certificate, which I continue to find an invaluable resource in my sessions with animals.More recently (in 2014) I completed and received my certification as a Large Animal Massage Practitioner, and had the good fortune to study with Lola Michelin, a true pioneer in the field.

So...Where Does Animal Communication Fit In, You ask?

How it ties in...
Animal communication has pretty much been the one constant my entire life, although I will admit to taking somewhat of a mental hiatus during some of my school-age years when the desire to fit in won out over just being my true self. Thankfully, however, that was relatively short lived and when I regained my sanity I began studying and practicing animal communication in earnest. This included many many books on the subject, in person learning, and constant practice.

Currently, after adventures in both Minneapolis, MN and Boulder, CO, I live and work in Iowa with the love of my life, our beautiful and energetic daughter, one sweet dog, and two charismatic cats.

Honoring others for who they truly are.

Opening up to the wisdom and patience of the Sages around me.

Promising to respect the love, guidence, and trust I am given.

Evolving as I deepen my knowledge, skills, and connection with those in my care.