Animal Lighthouse Animal Massage Services


WHAT is Animal Massage?

Animal Massage has been around for a very very long time. In fact, there are many examples in the animal kingdom of animals using grooming and different massage techniques to help each other stay healthy and to relax and bond with one another. It can be an invluable tool to help our animals stay healthy, resilient, calm, and easier able to recover quickly during times of phsycial and/or emotional stress.

WHY is this Important to you?

Animals are incredibly intelligent and wise beings who have much to share with us when we choose to listen. Also, since animals grow and change like we do, there are inevitably going to be times when their physical or emotional needs change and we need help getting them back to a place of harmony. Sometimes this means more exercise or attention from you, sometimes it means a trip to the vet, and sometimes it means they need some phsyical work to help their body and mind relax and function for calmly and harmoniously.

HOW can I help you?

Animal Massage sounds like a luxury, and in a time when many of us have difficulty even taking the time to take care of ourselves it can certainly seem that way. However, our animal companions serve such an important role in our lives as friend, guide, protector, emotional sounding board, sanity keeper (etc.), that making an effort to give them what they need so they can stay healthy and peaceful while they deal with all our stuff is so important. Besides, having healthy, calm companions helps our peace of mind as well!

$110 for a 1hr Session

This is great when you either have multiple animals to be worked on or when your single animal needs more extensive work as we often then go over an hr.

$65 for a 30min Session

This is generally best for single animals where the concerns are more routine, or for regular follow-ups.