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Welcome to Animal Lighthouse, a space for animal communication and healing. No matter how or why you have found your way here, I look forward to meeting you and to sharing my passion for helping animals, healing, and bridging the communication gap between animals and people. My name is Jennifer Mesenbrink, and I am an Integrative Animal Communicator, and have been working professionally with animals for over a decade now. This means that I have the sometimes challenging, but absolutely incredible job of using animal communication and energy work to help facilitate understanding, balance, and healing for all species on the Earth. Great or small, scaled or furry, wild or tame, I communicate and work with them all, as well as with the humans who share their lives. It is a partnership between myself, the animal, and you, their guardian and friend.

Enjoy to the Journey!


As an Integrative Animal Communicator, I offer a unique opportunity for you to understand and connect with your animal/s on a very deep level. I also often integrate energy work into a session to help your animal through their healing process.

About Me

Animals have been such an integral part of my life from the day I was born that I cannot imagine life without them. They have been my friends, my confidants, my teachers, and my guides through this journey called life.

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My Book

The Journey Into Motherhood:  An Interspecies Perspective on Pregnancy, Birth, and Motherhood

The Journey Into Motherhood is a celebration of the journey that mothers go through as a part of bringing new life into the world. Through communications with me, twenty different animal mothers share their experiences, their challenges, their joys, and many words of wisdom for other mothers and for all humans alike. Enjoy!

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