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Welcome to Animal Lighthouse! No matter how or why you have found your way here, I look forward to meeting you, your animals, and being a part of your animals' journey to improved health and peace of mind. My name is Jennifer Mesenbrink, and I am an Animal Massage Practitioner, and have been working professionally with animals in this capacity for over 15yrs now. I have also worked independently as a pet sitter, and then in doggie daycare and boarding facilities in both MN and CO, which simply means that I have had the privilege (and yes, sometimes the challenge) of interacting with many different breeds, personalities, ages, and states of health over the years. I have peace of mind goes a long way, and there is nothing quite so rewarding as the sigh of satisfaction an animal gives as it lets go and settles into a deeply relaxed state.

I have also learned that animals have a very high ability to read and mirror our energy. So, whether we are worried about our own life concerns, the world around us, or the health of our animal companions, the best results start from a calm and peaceful mind and body...and that is where I come in. I help relax your animals' body and mind so it can function as optimally as possible, which means better health, more ability to make calmer and more balanced decisions, and to hopefully even deepen the bond you have together.

Welcome to the journey!


As an Animal Massage Practitioner, I offer a unique opportunity for you to understand and connect with your animal/s on a very deep level while hopefully helping them work towards  becoming more balanced, comfortable, and healthier in all parts of their being.

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Animals have been such an integral part of my life from the day I was born that I cannot imagine life without them. They have been my friends, my companions, my teachers, and my guides through this journey called life.

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