The Journey Into Motherhood: An Interspecies Perspective on Pregnancy, Birth, and Motherhood

By Jennifer Mesenbrink


What Is The Journey Into Motherhood?

The Journey Into Motherhood is a book that came into being very organically and has taken me on quite a journey during the process. As a new mother myself, I found myself seeing out advice and support from other mothers around me. Also, as an animal communicator, I was immensely curious if the experience of mothers of different species was similar or different to my own. I felt such a deep connection to other mothers when my daughter was born, as if I had suddenly joined something so much bigger than myself. So, I set out to see what other mothers would say. What I found, while not necessarily surprising to me since I have a very high regard for the other species who share our world, moved me to my very core and has undoubtedly made me a better mother because of it.

 The Jounrey Into Motherhood is a collection of interviews that I did with a variety of animal mothers from around the world.These includea mother Elephant, Caribou,Horse, Swan, Dolphin, Wolf, and domestic Cat, to name a few. These mothers not only shared their experiences with pregnancy and birth itself, but also what they felt their role is as a mother and what advice that have for other mothers. Their stories are moving, inspiring, and I am forever grateful for their honesty and sincerity. I hope that you not only enjoy hearing their stories, but that you feel through their words the sacredness and shared journey that connects us all, no matter our shape and size. Enjoy!

**Also, a deep and sincere thank you to Penelope Smith for generously taking the time to write the beautiful forward for this book. It is a true honor! (For more information about Penelope Smith, founding Animal Communication Specialist, author of Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, and Animals in Spirit, go to